Bristol Bay Wooden Fishing Boats Naknek, King Salmon, & Egegik

Board of Directors
Trish Neal, President (2021)
Frank Flavin, Vice President (2021)

Erika Quade, Secretary (2023)
Sam Combs, Treasurer (2021)
At Large:
Jobe Bernier (2019)

Patt Garrett (2023)
Daniel Golden, Jr. (2023)
Janet Matheson (2023)
Mikhail Siskoff (2019)

Judith Bittner, Ex Officio
Robert Mitchell, Board Member Emeritus

Rachel Baker, Museum Manager

‚ÄčProgram Liaisons
Frank Flavin, FONSS Liaison
Trish Neal, Oscar Anderson House Museum Liaison

Trish Neal, Naknek
Rachel Baker/Trish Neal, Iditarod Historic Trail Alliance (IHTA)

Bob Mitchell/Sam Combs, Idependence Mine Photodocument Project

Individual  members of the AAHP Board of Directors may be contacted by sending an e-mail to

A copy of AAHP’s latest IRS 990 return (201) will be forwarded upon request by e-mail or in writing.