We have provided the data sheets for each of the properties listed for 2020. We felt it important to provide the information from the nomination applications to show why each of the properties were included in the 2020 annual list. You can support the Ten Most Endangered Historic Properites Grant Program via PayPal or mail a check to AAHP.

  1. Ascension Church of Our Lord Chapel
    Video May 11, 2020 by Tom Pillifant
  2. Wolf Creek Boatworks
    Article by Jacob Resneck, CoastAlaska | May 4, 2020
  3. United States Commissioner’s Cabin
  4. Steamer Nenana
  5. Amadedori and Qiyhi Qelahi
    Respect the Land – It’s Like Part of Us
  6. Bonfoey Family Homestead Cabin
  7. Eldred Rock Lighthouse
  8. Leonhard Seppala House
  9. 4th Avenue Theatre
  10. Jess Lee Home for Children

    PDF version of the Video